Are you tired of tripping over clutter and struggling to find what you need in your own home, but you don't want to sacrifice the vibrancy in your life? Is the constant messaging of "less is best" scaring you away from organizing?Sounds like you need a Maximalist Mastermind in your life!With Katia's expertise and gentle approach, you'll be able to reclaim your space and enjoy a more organized and stress-free life - without eliminating the things that mean the most.

Meet The Mastermind

Well hello there! I'm Katia Deg, and I want to support you in cultivating a home you love.I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Drake University. After working in the private sector for 7 years, I realized what energized me is helping others find joy in their spaces.I've spent years desperately reading every minimalist book and testing all the tricks in pursuit of cleaning my space, but it never felt quite right. Finally, it dawned on me - I'm not a minimalist, and that's okay! Now I strive to inspire others to identify and prune areas of their lives to leave ample space for the things they love most.

No space is too big or too small!I approach your space in a simple method:
1. Collect
Knick-knacks, papers, and homeless items get gathered together for easy review. This way you can see everything you have in one collection.
2. Classify
Every item gets a home within "Keep", "Sell", "Donate", and "Trash" designations.
3. Clear
We'll work together to determine how to best eliminate any items that won't be staying in your space. I can assist with sales, delivery, and donation.
4. Coordinate
Give your items a new designated home! I'm mindful of your daily habits and arrange storage options to best fit your lifestyle.

EntrywaysMudroomsKitchensLiving roomsBathrooms
Family roomsLoungesSunroomsDining roomsBedrooms
Home theatersHome officesPantriesAtticsStorage rooms
LibrariesMusic roomsEntertainment roomsPlayroomsGym rooms
Utility roomsLaundry roomsBasementsGaragesClosets
Document and photo storageElectronic storage conversionHome decoratingFlow planningTech installation



Is my space "good enough" for organizing services?

Everyone's home deserves to get care and organization! No matter if you have three stories or a single room to work on, we can create a plan of action for how to best utilize the space you've got.
One caveat: I currently do not have hazmat supplies to work with spaces that have animal or human waste, insect infestations, or severe mold. If I cannot help with a space, I will always do my best to find resources that can.

How long would something like this take?

I will always do my best to provide accurate time estimations, but this depends on multiple factors:

  • Size of the space

  • Total amount of items

  • Number of items of sentimental value or that will need to be reviewed (ex: heirlooms, letters, sensitive paperwork)

  • Cleanliness of the space

Do I need to get an all-new storage system?

Absolutely not! We will review your space together, identify what we want to use, and decide if something new will be necessary. I will always work within your budget, and we'll only get items that will benefit you and your space.
I can provide recommendations or purchase items for reimbursement. I'm not an affiliate of any store or brand, so there's no requirement to purchase through my links. Additionally, I NEVER mark up items and NEVER require you to purchase any of my suggestions - this is your space, and you make all decisions!

What is your service area and service times?

I'm located in Palatine and can travel within Cook, DuPage, Lake, and McHenry counties. Typically I do not charge travel fees unless it's beyond 15 miles / 45 minutes of one-way driving. If there is a travel fee, it's $15 per additional 15mi/45min, charged once per round-trip.
My hours are very flexible to best fit your schedule! We can get together on weekdays between 10am - 10pm, and weekends 10am - 11pm.


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